Green Way campaign inspires Maritza players to plant trees in Plovdiv

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, November 13, 2014.  Inspired by CEV’s new campaign Volleyball Way. Green Way, the players and staff of VC Maritza PLOVDIV took part in a large-scale tree planting effort in their home town.

They joined Ivan Totev, mayor of Bulgaria’s second largest city Plovdiv, other politicians and celebrities, students and citizens at an event in the populous residential suburb Trakiya, where a similar forestation project had not been implemented since 1979.  Over 200 maple and ash trees were planted in one day to mark the beginning of an extension project for Lauta Park, at the opposite end of which Maritza’s training hall is located.  Mayor Totev promised that a large adjacent area, which had basically turned into a wasteland, will eventually be developed as part of the park.

"This is a great initiative by the municipality and we decided to get involved," said Maritza’s manager Boris Halachev.  "Indeed, we live in this city and we cannot remain indifferent to what is happening.  I hope that we set a good example for our fellow citizens, to encourage more of them to join such events in the future.  We are glad that the European Volleyball Confederation has decided to make a clear statement with its new campaign Volleyball Way. Green Way to promote a greener way of life on our planet and we are eager to support it."